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Raub Industries Haul-&-Tow bed HNT bed comes standard with our Ultimate RV package: Static center rail, 12k wireless winch, 1 wheel tower, 1 ball tower and aluminum ramps. Standard 24′ x 102″ bed 10′-12′ dovetail 24″ tire paths standard Rub rail standard All led light package standard 2″ input receiver, pin type

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Truck manufactures vary, mileage between 100,00 – 200,000 miles Engines are 6.4l to 8.3l all diesel, with automatic transmissions in 5 and 6 speed configurations Truck overall length 38′ or less 102″ wide Bed top front deck height 36″- 42″ options 10′-12′ Dovetail length, 20″-22″ rear bumper height HNT bed comes standard with our Ultimate [...]